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Before answering how, we must answer why. Why should you be a church member? 

In the New Testament, the church is described as a body with many members (1 Corinthians 12:12-31). Each body part has a unique gift to use to allow the entire body to function properly. The church is the same way. We need to use the gifts and talents which God has given us in service to the church so that the church can function well. When a person becomes a church member, they are committing themselves to serving as part of the overall church body. Becoming a church member is an act which tells the entire church that you want to be part of the ministry of this church. That's why you become a church member. To let us know that we can count on you to work with us in the Kingdom of God. You can trust that we are committed to you when you become a church member. 

Now to how. There are three main ways to become a member of FBC Gonzales:

1. Join by being baptized. Being baptized is the first act of obedience after becoming a Christian. You can join the church by becoming a Christ follower and then being baptized.

2. Join by letter. If you are already a Christ follower, been baptized and a member of another Baptist church, you can join our church by simply asking to join and telling us where you were previously a member. Then, we will contact your former church to get confirmation that you were indeed a member there. This is called joining by letter because churches used to send letters to each other during this process.

3. Join by Statement of Faith. If you have been a Christian and baptized, but for some reason, have not been part of a church, you can join by Statement of Faith. Joining by Statement of Faith means that you have the same core beliefs as FBC Gonzales and agree to follow those principles in your life. 

You can make the decision to become a church member by coming to the front of the church during our Time of Response in the Sunday Morning Worship Service. You can also talk to Pastor Josh at any time to request to join the church. 

If you have any questions, please email Pastor Josh at or call the church office at 830-672-9595. 

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